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Give All The Love You Skin Needs With Top 7 Skin Products For Men

Being a man is not an easy task. It takes a lot of mental, physical and emotional strength to be what they are. Sometimes in the process of focusing on the more masculine things in life men tend to not pay attention to the main body coverage i.e. Skin. The orthodox philosophy of skin care is for women and men are hard stones unaffected by anything is a bygone story. Though men skin tends to be harder or precisely speaking has more dermis layers than women do tends to make it even more difficult for them to take good care of their skin, since any Skin Products for Men won’t slip into the skin easily showing results in just a fortnight. Since a particular Skin Care routine is what most men (about 89%) don’t follow there are ought to be a certain problem only men encounter over the years as they tend to age.

Secondly, the right of Skin Products for Men is a constant need for the hour since Male Hormone i.e. Testosterone is continuously in an active state until the age of 50, where it tends to slow down. This Testosterone not only is responsible for Masculinity in most Men, but high amounts of production of this hormone can lead to higher amounts of oil secretion from the skin or hair follicles making Men’s skin look more oily and dirt accumulated. But what can be done? Right kind of care at the right time in the right place can save a major life of your skin and protect your skin from early aging and make you look vibrant on a next level.


We conducted a Survey of about 7 Skin Products For Men, which have proven fruitful over the years and continue to satisfy Men’s skin demands and yet are totally pocket-friendly. These products are enlisted below:

Skin Products for Men Greenberry Organic’s DETOX CHARCOAL Face Wash

Greenberry-Organic’s-DETOX-CHARCOAL-Face-WashStarting from the very basic we first have the Charcoal Detox facewash. The word charcoal here says it all, dirt and oil extraction results= 100%. Charcoal helps in clearing the opened pore and further shrinks it in order to properly close it. The Tea Tree Oil as its another ingredient makes the skin looks flawless for it provides the much-needed glow as it keeps the oil extraction balanced. Further, the blend of Grapefruit, mulberry and aloe vera juice stops the further growth of acne causing bacteria.

Price-Rs. 295/-

Neutrogena Liquid Face Cleanser


Another category in Face washes that has shown 100% results for oily skin type is this Neutrogena Liquid Face Cleanser. Comes with guaranteed oil and dirt removal, it doesn’t make the skin itchy after it washes off, it is a gentle cleansing agent which stops the further growth of acne since its first application.

Price- Rs. 269/-

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Power Duo Foam Cleansers

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Power Duo Foam Cleansers

L’Oreal-Paris-Men-Expert-Hydra-PowerFor people who often feel burning sensation after a shave or their skin has turned dry since they started shaving, this cleansing agent is one of the finest creations to provide velvet soft skin. It provides a cooling effect which makes it the best to be used as a cleanup also. The only drawback here is the price and in proportion to it, it’s quantity.

Price- Rs. 795/-

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Man Arden Face Scrub

Man-Arden-Face-ScrubAfter you have washed your face properly, we highly recommend you to scrub your face to get the maximum results possible. The scrub should be done once in a week only if you have an oily skin and once in 15 days if you have dry skin. This Arden faces Scrub is blend of both a face wash and scrub making it most effective for men with oily skin. Its major components are Walnut, Turmeric, and Saffron Extracts. Walnut helps to get rid of dirt and blocked pores. The Saffron and Turmeric make your skin look less dark and provides a natural glow.

Price- Rs. 500

Bff Face Scrub With Coffee Beans & Dead Sea Salt

Bff-Face-Scrub-With-Coffee-Beans-&-Dead-Sea-SaltExfoliating the skin means getting rid of dead skin, blocked pores and improving blood circulation of the face skin, which provides an abnormal gleam to the face. This Bff Face Scrub with coffee beans is surely your Bff once you start using this. As explained the usage earlier, it provides the skin the much needed exercise and lessens the excretion of Sebum, as it penetrates deep into the dermis of the skin. Has been proven fruitful for many years for now.

Price- Rs. 300

BEARDO Ultraglow Face Lotion for Men

BEARDO Ultraglow Face Lotion for Men

BEARDO-Ultraglow-Face-Lotion-for-MenAfter you are done with washing, cleaning, scrubbing and exfoliating your skin, its time to moisturize your skin. Comes with some natural ingredient such as sunflower oil, aloe vera, mulberry extract etc, this lotion does the work of a cream, a sunscreen lotion, anti-aging cream, and also an anti-spotting agent. Comes with SPF 30 which is the best suited for men’s hard skin type and also provides fairness which is temporary though.

Price- Rs. 250/-

Man Arden Tahiti’s Exotic Shower Gel

Man-Arden-Tahiti’s-Exotic-Shower-GelApart from covering the face we even have something for the body, since skin cover the body as well. Man Arden Tahiti’s Exotic Shower Gel comes in various fragrances and flavors depending upon your choice of fragrance you can go forth choosing this one. Its a kind of gel body wash with an easily squeezable bottle. It really makes you smell nice and clean making sure your body odor is good all day. Highly recommendable for men who have bad body odor.

Price- Rs. 549/-

Man Arden Tahiti’s Exotic Shower Gel

Hope we convinced you for your need for Skin Products for Men. We assure you that these products are saved and moreover not animal tested which gives the guarantee for their authenticity. You better make a clean up routine for your skin in order to look pleasant and have a glowing facial appearance.