What are the Daily Sesame Oil Uses & Health Benefits?

Sesame Oil, called “til” oil in Sanskrit And Sesame oil uses has reportedly been known since Vedic times. The ancient ayurvedic scholar Charaka, in his well-known treatise on Ayurveda, claims that it is the best of all oils. But Apart from ancient times, this modernization adept the things the same like our ancestors because believe is the better option for any Cure whether its Internally or Externally.

Sesame oil can be a very versatile ally in your efforts toward better health.

Whoa! Winters is going on and this Cold and dry weather brings with it dryness, itching and peeling of our skin. This dry weather not only affects skin but also affects hair, lips, eyes, hands and feet. We can minimize this damage and seasonal discomfort by using this little fountain of youth called Sesame Oil! Create warmness/comfort in your body and look more beautiful this winter season!

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Why is Sesame Oil so special?

1. It’s a fountain of youth:

Based on scientific research, vitamin E has been shown to increase lifespan and promote healthy neurons. Sesame oil contains tocopherols, the major “vitamers” of vitamin E. The intake of natural vitamin E is anti-aging (helps against collagen cross linking and lipid peroxidation, which are both linked to aging of the skin).

2. Promote healthy and beautiful skin:


Sesame oil is full of zinc, an essential mineral for producing collagen and giving skins more elasticity. Zinc also helps to repair damaged tissues in the body.

3.High in nutritional value & Improves digestion:

Sesame oil is a rich source of minerals, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, and copper as well as Vitamin B1 & Vitamin E. Regular consumption of sesame oil nourishes body internally. Eventually, Being rich in dietary fibers, supports healthy gut flora, and favor digestion. Healthy digestive system leads to healthy skin and body.

Sesame is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic medicines. In India, sesame seeds have been a part of their culture since ancient civilization. In India the benefits of sesame seeds and Sesame oil widely recognized and integrated into daily lives, as part of tradition, festivals, rituals and food.

Sesame Oil Uses in religious culture

Mostly in Hinduism, massive is unaware about the fact that “sesame oil” being used in a Vedic pujas. Likewise, The ritual of offering sesame oil happened due to an increase in spiritual purity. Same like Sesame oil uses; Sesame seeds have a higher capacity to absorb spiritual purity and they remove the spiritually impure component. Even, while offering Sesame seeds and sesame oil (til-tarpana), based on the spiritual emotion of the worshiper, the black covering around the symbolic subtle body of the ancestors (arrived in the plate) is removed and the spiritual purity in their subtle body increases. Thus they gain the energy required to move-on to the next spiritual plane. The benefits of this are that the seeker gains spiritual purity by offering sesame seeds to God and if his spiritual emotion is 40% or more, then God creates a subtle protective covering around him. Due to this the seeker offering sesame (til-tarpana) to ancestors gets protected from any distress. This helps to reduce the overall distress due to ancestors.

Sesame Oil benefits in one’s Kitchen

Due to the Advancement of New Technologies, we forget about the natural things that really healthy for one’s life. Moreover, Everyone Curious to know about the things that one should use in their kitchen for cooking the meals, according to their taste! Sesame oil uses seriously beneficial for one’s health.

So, One of the worlds’ best kitchen treasures originated from the Middle East- the sesame oil from the sesame plant seeds. The seeds are widely used for baking breads and desserts. It and can also be pressed so that its oil content can be released. It is known as a food preserver and touted to provide healthful properties. All these properties are the very key components, which made it one of the most common household remedies today.

Apart from these two majors uses, other uses are there also, which is generally valued for a person’s health. Here is the Sesame oil benefits & ways you can use “sesame oil”

1. Skin conditioner:

Massage over your body with warm sesame oil before jumping in the shower. You won’t need to moisturize afterwards.

2. Scalp massage:


Regular scalp massage with warm sesame oil will nourish your hair. It also acts as a natural conditioner. Leave the oil in overnight and then wash it out in morning shower. You can make combinations of healthy oils along with the sesame oil use for scalp massage. It usually helps to grow your hair faster.

3. For better sleep:

Massaging your feet with warm sesame oil before going to sleep. It will improve your sleep quality. It will also remove roughness of the feet.

4. For oral health:

In Ayurveda, sesame oil is used for ‘Oil pulling’ (swishing of oil in mouth for some time). It has been said to prevent teeth decay, bleeding gums, dry throat. It also strengthens the teeth, gums and jaw.

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Will now discuss some of the major sesame oil benefits on skin

Prevent Bacterial Infection

Sesame oil is found to be effective in the treatment of inflamed and wounded skin. It is their anti-inflammatory properties that make them fight against bacterial infection.

As the sesame oil penetrates deep into the skin, they will produce detoxifying effect, which will keep skin warm and fresh. Sesame oil is also used to reduce various skin infection and improvements in joint pains.

As a Moisturizer


Although there are many natural oils capable of providing moisturizing effect, none of them does it effectively like sesame oil. In fact, they can act as a both moisturizer and softener for body skin.

Sesame oil has a bad reputation for its smell, but you can reduce them to a great extend by mixing with other carrier oils like Castor Oil or Almond Oil.

Same like these two Sesame oil benefits, there is also plenty of sesame oil Uses that generally boost up the energy of your body. Moreover, Sesame Oil can be used in a variety of ways for example: Repairing Damaged Skin Cells, Slow Down the Aging of Skin, As a Natural Sunscreen Lotion And As a Nutrient Source Because Sesame oil is found to have Vitamin-E, B-Complex and D in very High Amount. B-Complex that is capable to reducing the Cholesterol levels in blood.

Sesame oil has been in use for many years both for its culinary and health benefits. Still you should be cautious while using them, over dosage of sesame oil can have adverse effects. So make sure you know your needs and requirements before using them.

No Need to Worry, While Choosing Sesame oil

Many Brands of Sesame oil are available on Market. Hence, Some times people gets confused on which brand to choose or which one has better Quality! But when it comes to oils of different brands only trail and error method could land us on a proper decision.

Usually the original from of sesame oil is on the expensive side and eventually sesame oil can be found in both refined and unrefined varieties.

While purchasing, make sure they are covered and sealed to ensure maximum freshness. Make sure you smell the containers to ensure that they smell fresh and clean.