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Unlike women, men don’t have too many choices when it comes to accessories. But, this doesn’t mean that men just can’t be fashionable. If women have makeup, jewellery, handbags and shoes on their side, then there are scarves, ties, bows and brooches for men. Well, specifically talking about scarves, they not only add a fashion statement but also protect you from the winter chills. No matter you wear it with casual jeans or a formal suit it forms a stylish element besides being functional. A somewhat unnecessary accessory for many, it is an instantly easy pick that can add stylish touches to any outfit. So for all those men who are looking to step into the scarf-wearing game, here is the fool-proof guide to look scarf-stylish.

Before starting my scarf tying handbook, let me brief every man about the kind of scarves they must shop for. For the men who love casual look solid, neutral coloured scarves are the best. Such types of scarves fit any occasion adding a royal touch to your overall personality. The ones with gaudy tastes can opt for a scarf with little more jazz-like classically cool patterns: plaid and stripes. In a nutshell, the choice of the scarf can be any; it is its different tying styles that will make you stand out.


Thus, for all the trendy men out there, try out these 6 manly ways to tie a scarf and upgrade your good look to a wow look. From traditional to classic to knots, the scarf is a gentlemen’s best defence against all odds. Check these out below for better styling:

Try Out The City Slicker Look: This classic style is the best choice to roam about in the crisp city air. It not just keeps your scarf neat but also makes you look stylish without any fuss. Just fold the scarf half length-wise, wrapping around your neck. Now pull the loose ends through the loop, which was created by a fold. Your city slicker look is ready to add a clean, put-together shape to your outfit.


Be Out Of The League With The Ivy Leaguer: For that regular Harvard man look, the ivy leaguer is the scarf style that will make you look elegant and studious. It can be worn both formally and casually depending upon your outfit. There are two ways of wearing it, one: just drape the scarf over the blazer, second: get it tucked under the lapel. This style looks good over a tuxedo or with a blazer and sweater.

The Connoisseur For A Complete Gentleman Look: The Connoisseur style scarf is for a man who enjoys the finer things in life. To create it lay the scarf around your neck with its both even ends in the front. Now bring one end over and under the other like a single knot, draping the front end over the back and then adjusting the length accordingly. This is how connoisseur gives a refined look to your everyday garb.

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Show Your Sophistication With The Sophisticate Style: Also known as the “Once Around Knot” tying a scarf in this way creates a perfect balance between put-together and laid-back. Simply drape the scarf around your neck with its one end shorter than the other. Now wrap its longer end loosely around your neck. If you want a more bundled look, then wrap it once again with both ends in the front. Leave its one end slightly longer for a more natural and spontaneous appeal. In this way, you are all set to show off your sophisticate style.


Enjoy The Globetrotter Look With The Jet Setter: Impart an effortless feel to your outfits with the jet-setter scarf style. It is the simplest and coolest of all the styles. Just drape the scarf around your neck with one end shorter than the other. Now wrap the longer end across your neck’s front and let it hang over the opposite shoulder in full style. A voyager is ready now.

Casually Stylish One, the Weekender Look: The scarf look of this type is both contemporary and nonchalant. To flaunt it, start with one end in the front, close to your neck followed by a wrapping of the longer end around the neck until it is short. Now tuck both ends into the wrapped scarf and make it fluffy accordingly.


It is amazing how a simple rectangular cloth piece adds such versatility to your wardrobe. So what are you waiting for? Accessorize your style by getting yourself an arsenal of scarves today!