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Many banks in Canada are providing mortgages for the customers, and so the customers should have to pick the best mortgage company in Canada. The mortgage is the kind of loan that you are getting for the actual properties as the collateral or guarantee against the loan. The mortgage rate will vary with the various banks in Canada. So in this context, you will learn about the different types of mortgage rates offered by best mortgage banks in Canada. They are as follows


The royal bank of Canada is the Canadian multinational company that provides the services. The market capitalization of this bank is high. In this company, the mortgage of about 300000 dollars approximately and also a maximum of about one lakh dollars is available when the customers have the eligibility. Also, the main thing is that they will get the cash bonus from a minimum of five hundred dollars to a maximum of three thousand dollars added into your bank account. The electronic mode of application filling and registering for the mortgage is available for the people. This is a safe and secure one for the people in recent times.


This is the third largest Canadian bank and a multinational financial services company. Scotiabank is present in Canada and is always the best choice for the customers to get the good mortgage they want. It is a dream for everyone to build a new house and stay free from financial problems. These kinds of dreams will come true when you select the best mortgage rate in Canada. Scotia ultimate variable rate mortgage is available for the closed three-year term. For this, you will get the option of 4.600%. The closed five year term of the scotia flex value mortgage is available at the rate of 3.900%. Another one is the scotia flex value mortgage for the open five year term is about 7.000%.

BMO (Bank of Montreal)

The bank of Montreal, a famous Canadian multinational financial company, provides mortgage rates with special offers. You will find the limited offer of about 4.69 per cent for the mortgage of 5-year smart fixed. The 5 year smart variable mortgage is also available at the per cent of 3.25%. This is the first bank that is providing the 130 day locking mortgage rate guarantee. The company is also providing cashback for the customers who are switching their current mortgage to BMO mortgage easily.

TD Canada Trust (TD Bank)

TB bank is one of the famous Canadian banks that s providing exciting mortgage options for customers. The process of calculating the best mortgage is easy with the help of this official website’s calculator. The customers are getting the various mortgage options like the fixed, 6 month convertible, 1 year open mortgage, variable 5 year closed mortgage and the others. It is always important for the customers to know about the mortgage types and the rates that are available for them. This will help them to select the best mortgage company in Canada easily.


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is the best company that provides various mortgages. The rates of the mortgages will be useful for the customers who have the dream of building a new home or buying a new property. The mortgage rate will be high, and that will be beneficial for the customers to get enough money. Therefore for a five year fixed, the customers will get a mortgage rate of 4.79 per cent. But for the seven year fixed period, the rate will be 5.44 %.