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If you are a style freak gentleman hoping to look trendy on your travels, then it’s important for you to know the basics of how you can travel in style.

If you are a style freak gentleman hoping to look trendy on your travels, then it’s important for you to know the basics of how you can travel in style. Obviously, you don’t want to look like a backpacker…right? Stylish means someone who is classy, elegant and well put together. It is not always about the brands; suit and tie, anything that fits you right and is comfortable can be your style statement. To travel in style does not specifically imply what you wear, but how you present yourself. I know there are hardly any resources that can help guys to travel in style. That is why I’m writing this post for the convenience of all the fashionable dudes out there.

Guys! We all know travelling is a necessary evil for us. Be it a business travel or a holiday trip our wardrobe selection has to be perfect. But what should we wear while travelling? What are the comfortable and stylish combinations for us? What all accessories should we take along? If you want to travel in style, you should have the answer to all these questions. No matter how stylish we are, when it comes to travelling, we all prefer comfort over style. But if I say you can be both comfy and stylish, then would you believe me? Most of you will not as we are well aware of the hassles of travelling. So for all those who think it’s difficult to travel in style, this post can help you out.

Mind it your wide selection of garments can’t make you stylish. Your style lies in the right pick of clothes and your ability to mix and match them well. This is the only trick that will help you to travel in style. Now let’s shortlist some of those right picks to enjoy fancy travelling.

The Bright And Dark Colours Are The Man’s Best Friend While Travelling

When you are travelling avoid carrying earthy or medium range shades with you. Make dark pants and bright shirts or bright pants or dark shade shirts theme of your travel wardrobe. Try to pick solid colours. The selection of this type is versatile and can be mixed and matched for any formal or casual occasion. Try to keep it simple as you can’t wear a printed t-shirt to a club or a dressy shirt to a beach.

Packing A Vest For Travelling Is Any Man’s Secret Weapon

Yes, a vest is a men’s equivalent to that little black dress of girls, which they can wear for almost any occasion. They occupy a very little space in your bag and can be paired with anything from button-downs, t-shirts to jeans or dress pants. The addition of these vests can bring you from scrub to class with very little effort. So just don’t miss to take it along. It is a piece of clothing that can make you look stylish in seconds.

• Forget T-shirts, To Travel In Style, Carry Button Downs This Time

A button down can impart you a style that your t-shirt cannot. It can be worn in woods or in the city and will keep you stylish wherever you go. The best part is you can pair it up with shorts or long pants, and with sneakers or formal shoes. They look cool and trendy and do not require anything fancy. You can go with their plain or brightly coloured types and a couple with designs to look stylish while travelling.

  • Accessories Are Important If You Want To Travel In Style

I know most of us are not fond of accessories in our daily lives, but to travel in style you have to accessorize well. They add to your style quotient and hardly take up any space in your bag. Wearing them can change the entire look of your wardrobe. Therefore, don’t forget to pack them along. The suspenders can impart you a dressy look that no other stuff can while the scarf is something to look for when you want to show off your classiness. Now comes the stylish of all, your cool sunglasses, which can transform you into a hunk in just seconds.

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• Your Jeans Is Another Essential Travel Component, Don’t Forget It

A bane for all travellers, jeans is something you should not forget. Pack a pair that is well constructed and can stylishly fit your body shape. The plus point of carrying jeans is you can wear them for both formal and casual occasions. They may not be dressy like your other clothes, but will definitely make you look great. So, do keep it handy while travelling.

Take Along The Pair Of Shoes That Matches Well With All Attires

When you are travelling, try to keep your bag as light as possible. And, this is possible only if you carry selective stuff with you. Don’t pack all your shoes; take the pair that goes well with your jeans, shorts, shirts and accessories. It should be a pair that can be worn almost daily with all your formal and casual wears. To travel in style you have to plan out accordingly!

I think the discussed checklist is enough to make you stylish while travelling. You just have to plan a practical outfit to travel in style, which will enhance your personality both practically and aesthetically.