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Cartilage piercing seems to be almost everywhere, considering the amount of skin people have. The possibilities in this field are endless. Nevertheless, there are some cool and surprising body cartilage piercings women might not be aware of. Or maybe they know about them but have not considered the same. So firstly let’s discuss that what actually is a cartilage piercing and what would happen during that piercing period.

What Actually Is A Cartilage Piercing?

There are different types of piercing and these are being done mostly which go straight through the skin in different parts of the body like the eyebrow, navel, earlobe, lip piercing and many more.

As everyone have learned in our school time that cartilage is an important and essential structural component of our body. It is a firm tissue but is quite a softer and much more flexible than other bones. Cartilage is a connective tissue which is found in many areas of the body which includes the joint bones like ear, noses, elbows, ankles and knees. It is harder than the skin and has much softer bones.

In a cartilage piercing, the needle simply goes straight through that cartilage bone and then the jewelry is put in afterwards. Cartilage piercing are the most popular and that too in women who have their upper ear cartilage pierced. Now cartilage piercing have started to begun very popular with in men too in recent years.

What Happens During A Cartilage Piercing?

The day when we have planned or scheduled our piercing bring a lot of emotions for people. So the emotions are totally different, some are excited for it while others are nervous of the pain they have to suffer after or during that piercing. Well there is really no reason to stress about what is going to happen during this period, it would be over like very soon like a blink of the eye. There is no such pain during this period and people should really not be afraid of it.

As far as the process is concerned, a cartilage piercing is just like another piercing type. You just need to select your piercing and go in to have it done easily and look the best. The person from whom you are getting it done, he would take a proper care of everything by putting in gloves and sterilize that body part which they are going to be working on.

This process does not take a long time and it is not that much painful as everyone is thinking in their mind.

Some remarkable piercing ideas are as follows:

Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing is very well-loved by girls who have just started college. It is one of the most popular and the coolest cartilage piercings executed by fashioning the entire ear right from its external part to the topmost part. The piercing can well be adorned with star-shaped cartilage stud earrings or with earrings in the shape of a stunning flower. It will surely offer you a fabulous college-going appearance.

Rook Piercing

This is yet another stylish body cartilage piercing. It has the potential of upgrading the appearance of a woman and taking it to the next level. However, you need to do it with complete precision. This is a highly technical form of cartilage piercing and is far more stylish than the other varieties of the piercing. The piercing will look simply awesome if you bejewel it with sparkling cartilage stud earrings in white.

Snug Piercing

Yet another cool and popular cartilage piercing is the snug piercing. Here a piece of the earring is passed through the cartilage of the ear. In addition to this, the piercing is one versatile element as it gives you the option to wear almost any color earrings that match your dress and your choice. For example, you can use cartilage stud earrings or other stylish pieces of jewelry for this piercing.

Ear Weaving Cartilage Piercing

You might have got an idea of this piercing from its name itself. This form of piercing generally contains several piercings inter-connected to one another. The interconnection is done with just one piece of earring. The earring used for adorning this kind of piercing is generally spiral-shaped. You can even go for cartilage stud earrings in spiral shape for adding an elegant appeal to this kind of piercing. It will make you look as cool as ever.

Outer Conch Piercing

This kind of piercing looks exceptionally beautiful if you wear cartilage stud earrings in bright colors. The piercing is done in the external part of the ear. This is probably the ear cup. The piercing can be a bit painful, but it is always worth the beauty it showers you with.

Daith Double Cartilage

This kind of daith piercing has a ring passing through the internal cartilage fold in the ear. It might appear a bit painful, but the reality is it is not as painful as it appears to be. Going for heart-shaped cartilage stud earrings for this kind of piercing will improve your appearance. Daith piercing is the love of every women.

Anti-Tragus Piercing

The anti-tragus piercing is one of the most popular cartilage piercings done in the internal ear cartilage.

For women who seem to contemplate their next body modification in 2020, the cartilage piercing ideas mentioned above would surely get their creative juices flowing.

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Whenever you are having any issue with your cartilage piercing like the healing or some other thing. It only happens to a small number of people. The majority of people just love their new cartilage piercing and they are so much excited to show it to everyone.

So I hope that this article would help you out with your ideas and also what actually is the piercing process. Hope you can get the best piercing done for yourself and it would definitely change your look and you can get a new look for yourself in 2020.

Do let me know your thought or new ideas about the same.

Good Luck!