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TVs are with us for a long period, but now with the immense change in technology TVs are also changing. Now we all want Smart TVs in our home. If you want to purchase a new one must check, The Best Smart LED TV in India.

Is buying a new TV is the only thing we can do to have all the features and functions of Smart LED TV? What about those people who have already purchased the LED TVs? Is there any other way to enjoy everything which smart TV provides without buying a new one?

Yes! there is a way with the help of which we can convert our Non-Smart LED TVs into Smart LED TVs. It is possible with the help of some devices. These devices are of many brands and companies and are of different prices with different features as well.

It is better to spend some amount of money and convert your TV into smart rather than buying a brand new which requires a lot of money. Without wasting any time let’s take a look at how to convert it.

How to Convert a Non-Smart LED TV Into Smart TV-

Portable Media Devices-

Convert Non-Smart Into Smart

There are a lot of devices available in the market which comes under the category of portable media devices. These are in the shape of USB drive and you can take it anywhere you go.

The best in this category is Google’s Chromecast. It is one of the cheapest ways to convert your non-smart LED TV into a Smart LED TV. It is available online at price between 1500-3000Rs. You just need a free USB port to give it power from your LED TV.

Users can provide power from external sources as well. After that just connect both, the google Chromecast and your LED TV. Then interconnect them with WI-FI and install the app in your mobile device.

Just follow the instructions of the app and you have your TV converted into a Smart One. You can also operate the app from your laptop, PC or any smartphone.

Amazon Fire TV Stick-

Amazon Fire TV stick 4K

This is one of the best ways to convert your non-smart TV into a smart TV. Because it comes with the latest technology as it has the quad core processor, RAM, and internal storage of 8 GB which is good to have, you can also enjoy the offline content as well.

It is available at the price of 3999Rs online, it also comes with a smart remote which is based on voice-based technology. With this technology, you can also operate your Smart LED TV with your voice. All you have to do is give a command to your smart TV and it will follow all the instructions.

You can also put a lock on some of the content which you do not want your kids to watch. It is easily filterable in terms of age, ratings, etc. You can enjoy the youtube, Google, Netflix, apps, internet, etc. on your Smart TV.

The biggest advantage of having a smart remote is you do not have to point it towards the front screen of a TV. The smart remotes are based on Bluetooth connectivity and you can operate in every direction within the range of smart TV.

It also allows you to know about the data used by the TV and you can put a limit on the data and it will alert you before crossing the limit of data.

Apple TV-

Apple Tv In India

Apple TV is also a device that works like the others. You can enjoy all the video streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar. It does not have any internal storage in it just like Google chrome cast.

You can watch the movies and content which you have purchased or took on rent. To connect this with your TV you need to install some apps like Plex, PlayTo or Apple TV Airplay Media Player. Firstly you have to connect the device with LED TV then follow the instructions given in apps.

This also has a smart remote based on voice-based technology. You can connect it with your smart speakers like an echo. This also allows users to enjoy the 4k resolution. You can also filter the content based on ratings, age, etc.

Box Type Media Players-

Non-Smart Into Smart

This is the most advanced and most expensive way to convert your non-smart LED TV into smart LED TV. It is fully loaded with apps like Netflix, hotstar, voot and have the processor, internal storage and RAM as well.

It also connects with Bluetooth so it makes easier for you to enjoy the offline content. It even supports all kinds of memory cards, USB and external devices to connect them with your TV very easily.

It is available online at price 12500 Rs. It is costly but is the most advanced way to convert your TV and even enhanced the gaming experience and makes easy to connect gaming consoles with your Smart TV.

All these are the best ways and chosen devices that can convert your normal tv into smart tv. There are many more products also available in the market of different companies that might be more or less in price.

We have mentioned devices which are best in a different price range; you can choose the product according to your budget and need.

If budget is not an issue for you then you must choose Box type media players because they have everything in them. If budget is not an issue for you then you should go with Google chrome cast. It allows you to have all the features of Smart TV.

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