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How Can A Case Combine Harvester Help Farmers?

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Harvesters are innovative farming equipment that helps a farmer carry out operations easily. There are three key processes involved in harvesting – winnowing, reaping, and threshing. All the processes are laborious if done manually. The use of farming machinery makes the life of a farmer easier. The case combine harvester is one such machine that helps the farmer carry out farming easily and more efficiently. Apart from reducing manual effort and saving time, it improves productivity and increases the quality of grain output.

Before going into how the case combine harvester can help a farmer, you need to first understand what this equipment is and what it does. The following explains all about this equipment:

• The case harvester is farm machinery from the CNH Global company, which was earlier known as Case Corporation. The machine is named after the company founder J I Case.

• It is a type of rotary harvester that helps to automate the process of harvesting.

• It uses a single rotor technology for higher efficiency.

• The harvester has a powerful engine with higher horsepower. This allows the farmer to work at high capacity.

• The higher fuel tank capacity of the harvester ensures that work need not stop for refueling.

• The cooling system in the harvester ensures the engine doesn’t get heated up. This ensures a better life for the equipment and better efficiency.

• The power is continually transferred to the rotor and to the feeder.

How it is helpful?

The case combine harvester is extremely helpful for farmers and it is a machine that farmers must consider buying. The multiple benefits that this machine provides ensures it is a boon for the agricultural community. The following are the benefits a farmer can get by using the case harvester. These benefits are the reasons why it makes sense to invest in this machinery.

1) Farmers can carry out harvesting more effectively as well as efficiently. The use of automation saves a lot of precious time for farmers. All the savings translates to better returns.

2) Productivity increases as farmers can harvest more of the crop in one day. At the same time, quality of the grains also increases. The harvester is designed so that the grain is cut from the stalk in such a way to increase yield and minimize grain damage.

3) The harvester can be used to harvest different kinds of crops. This is beneficial for farmers who grow multiple crops. They can use one harvester for multiple harvest operations and just change to change a few parts. This helps to save a lot of money.

4) The harvester is easy to operate and also low on maintenance. Farmers can expect a trouble-free experience.

5) The harvesting process is smooth and there is not much soil disturbance.

The case combine harvester is thus a boon for farmers. For a one-time investment, the returns it provides are substantial. The benefits of this harvester make it equipment that farmers should consider using in their farm to harvest crops.

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