Living Aloha Creations Redefines Masculinity With Its Hawaiian Men’s Jewelry Range!


Accessorizing seems to be going through a massive revolution with handmade Hawaiian jewelry on the forefront leading the reign, settling down ‘high’ on the pedestal with Hawaiian men’s jewelry: making aesthetic headlines.

Over the time, the change has been observed from the ramp walk to the Red Carpet alike. It’s not only theatre and drama that expects men to accessorize in ensembles that ooze masculinity but the use of such accessories in everyday life is what compels people to start experimenting and coming up with something new, different and ruggedly raw to appease men and their tastes alike.

Living Aloha Creations aims at creating something a league apart. Its niche is special Hawaiian men’s jewelry this time! Yes, you read it right.

What’s all to offer?

Necklaces: These are some things that one must definitely check out. Hawaiian necklaces are all about pendants. The shape, design, structure, and materials used to make these ones are what make them justifiable for the price. Handmade jewelry at a price that seems unbelievable, that’s what Living Aloha creations’ Hawaiian men’s jewelry section is all about.

From half fins, tortoise, the holy cross to anchor hooks, the designs are theme based. Keeping Hawaii and its culture in mind, these pendants are the perfect beachwear when you feel like flaunting your abs, concentrating on your body.

•Cufflinks: Hot stuff. The collection is something that you won’t find elsewhere. Taking formal cloth accessorizing to a new level, it’s just what you need.

•Money clips: The name suggests it all. Try out something new, different and interestingly engaging form the house of Living Aloha Creations.

Link Bracelets: What adorns the wrists always get the fashionistas in a twist. Explore the handcrafted stock for the following range of bracelets:

# Koa link bracelet, an amalgamation of metal, wood and Hawaii alike.

# Abalone link bracelet, the links put together to make you feel the beachy vibes.

# Pounding surf link bracelets, its wide range is a sight for sore eyes. Utterly masculine yet maintaining the beachy vibes.

Rings: Maybe that’s what your fiancé requires. That adventurer in him seeks out for the thrill and gifting him with a traditional Hawaiian ring might as well excite him beyond comparisons. Check for its online availability to place your order.

The indigenous range of material used in this Hawaiian handmade jewelry by Living Aloha Creations includes Larimar, Special Abalone shell, Hawaiian Koa wood, Peridot, Hawaiian sunrise shell, blue opal and a lot more.

Stainless steel and tungsten are used as the base, or as the main building materials in various ensembles in order to enhance its durability and give it the raw masculine look. Hard metal, that’s how they are known as, and that’s how one envisions the flaring beach life in Hawaii.

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Hawaiian aesthetics are compulsorily maintained while manufacturing these handmade jewelry pieces, making them all more exquisite, and a display of skillful craftsmanship like never before. The use of hard metals like stainless steel and tungsten along with delicacies like opal and shells forms the perfect combination of what a man looks for in his things.

Sturdy sensuality that oozes charm and masculinity is what the Living Aloha Creations is offering. A must have, isn’t it?

So go, explore, and shop your favorite pieces for your favorite someone!

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