Education and Income

Education Is Not The Key To a Good Income

In the modern era, the role of education has always played a significant role in shaping the social structure of a society. Moreover, it constructs the sociological awareness in terms of the ideology and cultural norms of society. However, it has destabilizing factors which are accountable for the poor economy of any state.

Educators around the world have been informing about the children to work hard, achieve well and you will attain the successful future with favorable job prospects. Similarly, the reality is out of the scope of the virtual image. It has a firm belief on the conventional wisdom which is across the western world. It has stronger connections based on meritocracy, education and the role of the upward social mobility.

To sum up, the facts of the importance of education is essential in reforming society. But the question is again reframed to seek the solutions of the society. Does the quality of higher education can play a role in earning a handsome amount of money? What is the ground reality? How it will play an effective role in enhancing the social status of a particular state especially the western countries.


Let’s find out the answers to these problems:

The role of social mobility in Europe:

According to the public health researchers, they proposed the facts about the outcome in social mobility and education which are significantly worse in the richer countries. It has a huge population and has larger social gap difference between the richer, lower class and the working classes.

The historical evolution of Europe signifies that the United States of America and the United Kingdom have the closer relations in the term of the father’s income and son’s income as compared to the countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. In Western Europe, there is the opportunity of providing the assignment writing service in London which has been initiated to cater to the needs of the students. In London, it is observed that there is a lack of educational opportunities for students. It shows that the educational rate of London is quite low as compared to other cities of the United Kingdom.

There are plenty of reasons which supports the claim that the job recession is not dependent upon the educated individuals and technical workers. They are as follows:

• The number of the job opening in the recession is farfetched for those who are looking for the jobs and shortfall in the job openings are pervasive across the sectors and not for the hard-hitting industry which are looking for the technical skills.

• The rise of the unemployment factor is also related to those who are educated.

• The challenging factors of unemployment are not only related to the educated or skilled workers ones. It is about the lack of jobs.

• The huge increase in wages and income equality is experienced over the last 30 years which is not related to the technical task force or the employed, educated ones.Similarly, workers face a wage deficit.The factual reality is that college graduate shave not seen their last income over the ten years.Ironically, high school graduates are also not earning as much as the technical and skilled workers have. Moreover, before the recession period, the college graduates and the high school graduates are not earning as much as the skilled workers have. They were working as free interns. It is not phenomena where we cannot match the requirements of the college graduates in the real sense.

The great mobility?

The relationship between the national levels of income inequality and the lower levels of the inter-generational mobility is called as the Great Gatsby Curve. It shows the enigma host of the roaring parties in his waterfront mission. The curve indicates that how much a person can move up to the social position in society.

The countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have suggested that parental education has a slight authority over the impact of a child’s income. The only thing that matters is the child’s level of education. However, in France, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, the parent’s education on their offspring has complete importance over the facts and figures of the families. In these countries, the children belonging to the low educational background has earned20 percent to those children of the highly educated history. However, these individuals have the same level of education in the same subject arena.

Conclusion: This research was based on the range of mobility that came across different countries. It tells the subjective relativity under the importance of education in the real world. It concludes to the fact that the same graduates cannot earn the same amount of money. It ranges from person to person. The underlying point is that education is not always the road towards economic development. It can only train your mind and boosts the power of intellect, wisdom, submissiveness and the element of the decency which is rarely found in modern society.

Hence,it is proved that education is not the key to a good income.