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A guy’s wardrobe should transform with the seasons that come and go. After all, why should women all the fun on this part? Men too have a soft corner for shopping, fashion, collecting a versatile collection of shoes, shirts and whatever they like and that’s exactly what they love about their wardrobes. Men must switch from one season to another not only because the temperature is changing but also because they love to get their hands on the best of fashion trends and transitional clothes that are must-haves for the current season.

Summer is almost here!! Have you said your hi to the season yet by taking a deeper look into your wardrobe and picking all the summer-friendly options? Well, if you haven’t yet done that, this is the time when you reach out to your closet, put all the winter and spring options in the lowest column and make a place for the summer essentials that will come in handy for your summer fashion.

summer clothings

But do you have the essentials that build up your summer fashion this year? Get to have a better understanding of the summer essentials that you need for the upcoming hot months below.

Summer shirts

You what is better than having a summer-friendly t-shirt for yourself? It has a summer-friendly shirt. Starting from the trends that have rocked the last few years to the ones that are perfect for the current season, you would notice that shirts are the essentials that men look up to no matter what. In the last few years, you’d find that the shape of the shirts has gone a lot more constrictive in nature with defining fits on the body.

summer shirtings

Now is the time when you break the stereotypes and opt for a Cuban collar shirt or commonly called as the wide-collared shirt that is the new sexy in menswear. You can also invest in short sleeves with linen fabric that lets you breathe exceptionally well.

Linen trousers

It is all about comfort when it comes to spending your entire day in too many clothes because looking fashionable is the front door of your personality. Linen trousers are the hottest things for the season. You can choose from the wide-legged trousers or form fit Chinos, just remember that linen is the fabric that can provide comfort.

Linen Trousers

Keep the length appropriate (neither too short nor going past your heel) and you’d rock the look effortlessly. You can even go for linen shorts that are crafted for you to have a laid back summer vacation. Club them with polo shirts which are another essential for the hot months.

Vibrant pastels

Vibrant pastels

Summer already has a lot of heat and wearing dark colors would be going opposite the season. What isn’t unknown to us is that dark colors keep the warmth of the sun rays inside and the light ones repel. Hence, would you still be smart enough to go on a date on summer noon in a black suit?

If you still choose the same, we won’t be able to help you. Opt for light yellows, turquoise, pinks and more that get you summer-ready.

Breathable underneath

This doesn’t come as a surprise that your underneath is the hottest part of the body. If you aren’t feeling comfortable down there, no matter what you do on the outside, you won’t be feeling happy. There are so many fabrics available in the fashion industry but out of those many, there are only a few fabrics to fall in love with in summers. Investing in these fabrics would transform how you feel through the day while you’re busy doing what you like to do.


Have a keen focus on the different men’s underwear styles and pick the one that makes you feel comfortable and not swampy and bunched in one place. You need to keep a balance between your undergarments and the outfits. After all, they add another layer on your body and that’s enough to make you feel even hotter. Hence, you must choose it carefully.

Footwear that works for you


Have you felt the sweat sliding through your body all the way to your legs? Or, the swampy feeling when you know that your socks are drenched in sweat? Isn’t it a disgusting feeling? If it makes you feel disgusted, opt for shoes that won’t let you feel the same. Summers call for shoes that are cool and trendy – just to match your personality and the other outfits you are assembling for yourself. Whether you choose to go for sneakers that are super cool by brands like Vans, Converse and more to slip-on that are the trendy options for you to have. No matter which option you go forward with, make sure you avoid investing in ‘black’ ones for they don’t scream summer and will attract more heat than the ordinary. You can go for so many other vibrant colors available that are worthy to be picked for the season.

We know that in a corporate setup, it is difficult but what about other situations? Can’t you choose sandals instead of formal shoes? Or anything else?


Whether or not you’re a fan of anything else, sunglasses is something that would be there in your bag for appealing purposes. Well, this is the time when you can actually go ahead and incorporate them to safeguard your eyes and the delicate area around them from the scorching heat and the sun rays that follow you wherever you may go. With such a huge variety of shapes and lens colors available in the industry, you must carry one with yourself all the time.


What do you call a summer essential? What do you think should be up there on the list and is missing?


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