Chester Bennington

15 Things Still Unknown to the World About Chester Bennington

The morning of July 20th, 2017 left the world to tears with the death of a world famous singer and song writer Chester Bennington, the member of the world’s most renowned rock band Linkin Park. He is said to have committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of his house in California at around 9 A.M. PDT (Pacific Time Zone). The reason behind his suicide is considered to be his friend Chris Cornell who is said to have committed suicide in the month of May. The two were quite close and Chester Bennington is said to be shaken by the sad dismiss of his true friend, who he considered to have learned a lot from.

We Bring to you 15 Facts From the Life of Chester Bennington, Which Have Been Hidden from the World:

1. Born on 20 March 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona, Chester had an awful childhood as his parents divorced when he was just 11 and his father gained his custody.

2. After his parent’s divorce, He was into drugs such as marijuana, alcohol, opium, cocaine, methamphetamine.

3. He revealed in an interview that he suffered sexual abuse at the age of 7 and this continued till the age of 13, and never revealed a word about it to anybody cause he was afraid of being taken as the culprit or being thought of as gay.

4. To overcome this suppression he used to write poetry and songs and drew pictures. He even felt the urge to kill people and run away.

5. As a child, he was quite inspired of the two bands Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots, and later he went onto become a member of Stone Temple Pilots.

6. Chester worked at Burger King to earn his living in 1996.

7. He even had a vulnerable school life and suffered ragging because of his thin leanness.

8. He was initially married to Samantha Marie Olit. At the time of their marriage, these people were too poor to afford a ring, so they got matching tattoos of rings, as a symbol of their married life.


9. He got divorced with his first wife in 2005 and got married to Talinda Ann Bentley who was a former Playboy model. Together with his first and second wife he has 6 kids in total.

10. Bennington was almost ready to quit his singing career when he was offered to audition for being a Member in Linkin Park.

11. His first song as a member of Linkin Park was Hybrid theory, for which he wrote the lyrics also.

12. Bennington was a tattoo freak as you can make out from his body arts.

13. Bennington was quite prone to diseases and ill health. He has suffered some major abdominal pains, injuries, and surgeries all throughout his career. He even broke off his wrist during a live show while he tried to jump off the stage for which he received five stitches. He was also bitten by the most venomous spider.

14. Under this lead singer Chester Bennington, Linkin Park went onto becoming the first rock band to hit 1 Billion views on you tube.

15. Chester Bennington committed suicide on the birthday of his friend Chris Cornell who committed suicide in May. Chester also wrote an open letter as to how badly he was moved by Chris’s death and also sang Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ on the funeral service.

We pray that Chester Bennington rests in peace. His music has given joy to many and his death has left the world in remorse.