Best Exercise and Healthy Food That Helps to Increase Muscle Tone

For a fit and active body, it’s important to tone your muscles right. You can easily increase your muscle tone by strength training and physical dynamic movement. Along with proper workout, it’s important to follow a diet so that you can achieve your goal.

Listed are some best exercises to increase your muscle tone:


Pushups can actually help to increase your muscle tone. It not only tones the muscles of arms and legs but also the core area. When you start with pushups, you need to maintain a proper posture. It’s important that you practice this on a daily basis for good results. Start with ten pushups and then you can increase the count according to your suitability.



Plank is also a good exercise to increase your muscle tone. It builds your strength in the lower and upper core. It’s a great body workout if you practice it on a daily basis. You can start with press up position and then hold the position for the approved time. It’s important that you feel comfortable when you practice this exercise.



Squats are not only good for whole body workout but also great for increasing the muscle tone of your body. The exercise works on major muscle groups of the body and gives you great results. Start with basics first then you can continue with a long session for good results.

Foods to increase muscle tone:

Food sources high in calcium

Calcium is important to maintain healthy bones and muscles. When you exercise your muscles need to contract, so calcium helps them grow. You can include dairy products, soya beans, tofu and nuts in your diet plan as sources of calcium. Have green leafy veggies in your diet plan as a source of calcium. You can also have fish in your diet once a week.

Food sources high in vitamin C

Vitamin C is good for the health of blood vessels in the body and it also supports muscular needs for oxygen in the body. Vitamin C helps to increase your muscle tone and keeps you fit. You can add natural sources of vitamin C in your diet plan. You can have broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, green peppers, and tomatoes on a daily basis. You can also have lemon juice with oranges in your diet plan. Strawberries are also good in the source of vitamin C.

Food sources high in vitamin D

food for muscle tone

Vitamin D is a great vitamin for bone health. Its also essential for muscle growth, contraction, and function. Along with workouts, it’s important that you pay to heed to intake of vitamin D in your diet plan. You can include natural food sources of vitamin D like mushrooms, eggs, and cheese. Vitamin D is an important vitamin for your muscle toning.

A healthy diet is important to increase your muscle tone. You need to follow a regular workout session and also have supplements in your diet. You can use the best muscle gain supplement and proper diet to increase your muscle tone.