Basically, sushi is a Japanese cuisine but due to its higher popularity, it is seen in various street stalls and restaurants all over the world. Although its taste differs from place to place, there is no variance in its prevalence. US citizens are fond of sushi, it’s a common street food there. Also Hawaii sushi has gained its demand both in locals and the tourists around this place.

To all the bon viveurs, there is a numerous variety of sushi available. The preparation and seasoning of each type is quite different along with the all unalike tastes. To be very precise and coherent, sushi is the conjunction of seafood and vinegared rice.

Out of zillions of sushi, the most leading different type of Sushi, as follows:



Nigiri is the most customary class of sushi, finger-sized palm pressed sushi rice having a single topping of raw Salmon. The other toppings consist of Tuna, yellow tail, white tuna, squid, clams, red snapper, whelk etc. The bite sized luscious sushi rice when topped with the thick raw topping contributes to a divergent flavor.

The years of practice required for cutting techniques used by sushi chefs and the kind of species added into a sushi reflects its texture and flavor. Nigiri is one of the most popular one from different type of sushi as it has a traditional background. A nigiri mold is the easy tool that can be used to form its typical shape.

The sub-types of Nigiri are:

Temari-sushi: Its vibrant colorful ball shape makes it different from the regular oblong and mostly presented at special occasions, rest of the presentation is same except its shape and colors.

Gunkan Maki: It’s a ball of nigiri in which a mixture of raw ingredients is wrapped by seaweed. It is famous for its overall shape and also known as Japanese warship.



For the lovers of roll, a type of sushi in which ingredients wrapped in sushi rice, filled with seaweed called nori and then rolled to offer a roll shape. The fillings of maki generally consist of fruit, vegetable, meat, pickle etc. and sometimes wrappings can be made of ultra thin omelette or long smoke salmon strips. After nigiri, Maki is the second popular type of sushi all over the world. It usually makes a cylinderical roll sliced into small chunks.

The sub-types of maki-sushi are:

Hosomaki: Maki itself means a roll, so this roll is popular for lunch, picnic, snacks etc. because being a roll it is easy to grab and carry. It is filled with salmon and seasoned cooked sushi rice and a nori wrap in half or tear is folded around it.

Chumaki: The combination of vegetables along-with 2-3 ingredients of seaweed are filled inside 8×7 nori sheet or folded or tear off a quarter of it.

Futomaki: Similar to the other types, it usually contains colorful veggies, pickles and some fish powder for the decoration purposes, rest of the folding is same as the other ones.

Uramaki: The creation of California roll makes it different by reversing inside to outer layer and vice-versa. It is the flipped form of nori binding sushi rice as an outside wrap filled with ingredients like avocado, cream cheese, shrimp tempura etc.

Temaki: It is a cone shaped hand roll with the layer of nori outside and served immediately to prevent loosing crispiness. Temaki is rolled around small amount of sushi rice and stripped ingredients with about half of the nori sheet.


Inari-SushiThe third most popular sushi in US out of different type of sushi is Inari-sushi also known as stuffed sushi. In this type, sushi rice and garnishing are mixed and then stuffed into an inaari aburaage. Inari aburaage is a deep fried thin sliced tofu, sweetened and stewed in soy sauce. A lot of variation in taste and rice stuff is seen in this sushi.

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The sub-types of Inari-sushi are:

Chakin-sushi: A stuffed sushi with a paper thin egg wrap instead of marinated tofu to form a shape of a pot. It is served on special occasions and festivals because of the decorative presentation.
Hamagari-sushi: The only difference in this is, it is stuffed with sushi rice and topping ingredients with an omelette folded quarterly.


Chirashi-sushiIt is also called bowl sushi or scattered sushi and the only one from different type of sushi that is served in a bowl. Simply, it’s a bowl of sushi rice along with a number of toppings. The budget range of chirashi depends upon the toppings being served on rice bed. Apparently, it is a simple form of sushi with toppings of raw tuna, raw salmon, roasted eel, sweet egg, some vegetables, pickles and other spices.

And the garnishing of flaked seaweed, ginger and large perilla leaves make it eye-catching and give it a delish look.

The sub-types of Chirashi-sushi are:

Bu-en sushi: This type of chirashi bowl does not contain salt, only vinegar rice bedding with cured fish atop is presented.

Tekone sushi: This bowl is made of lean fish i.e. bonito and tuna marinated with soy sauce and then make toppings on sushi rice.

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Bara-sushi: This type of dish is a mixture of sprinkled sushi rice with colorful vegetables and fresh fish.


Sushi rice and lactate fish are fermented together to produce a different flavor of sushi called Nare-sushi. In early days, its smell was like a mixture of blue cheese, vinegar and fish. This is the only type of sushi among different type of sushi that is literally fermented to have this rare type of sushi.



Sushi rice with any topping pressed into a rectangular shape is categorized under this type. In ancient time, oshisushi was prepared with only rice and cooked fish i.e. mackerel and aji. But nowadays, a limitless variety is served under this type.

The sub-types of Oshi-sushi are:

Masu-sushi: It is a pressed sushi wrapped in a bamboo leaf.

Hako-sushi: A pressed sushi in which fishes like snapper, sea eel, shrimps or other exotic seafood is used.

A numerous Sushi Recipes are available if someone wants to prepare it at home but its difficult to get the same taste as of Sushi Restaurants.

Americans love all amalgam of sushi… either it is traditional Japanese style or any new discovered style. Most of the Americans love to grab sushi with the seasoning of cream cheese, avocado, salmon, crab stick etc. With the little bit of additions or alterations sushi has become the most loved food of US and also all around the world.