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Short Hairstyles For Men: What’s With The Buzz About The Buzz-cut These Days?

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The growing craze of salons in men is because of the wide variety of short hairstyles for men! From being trendy to something that makes fashion bend, these hairstyles are quite keen on rocking your perspective about men’s haircut and the best part? They are winning the approval of fashion critiques and the hearts of ladies all-round the globe! With a doubt, ‘short’ is the new sexy today. So all men with lengthy locks should turn to glorious mane with these hot shorts.

Always remember guys, the secret to have the best men’s hairstyle is to go with the trend. Either be a trendsetter or a staunch follower of what is currently hot in the market and bam! You got it right. From the classic cut to modern short hairstyles for men and everything in between, be the man of many with a style that will talk more about your personality, framing the first great impression of yours.

So without much ado, here’s the perfect list of short hairstyles for men, the look that dazzles in the summers and also the fall!


Skin Fade: Just like women get layers to increase the volume, men do the same but this layering decreases the density of hair from top to bottom. Creating quite the visual effect of fading, this is one of those short hairstyles for men that got the fashion police drooling!

The Quiff: This cut has been in the game since so long yet manages to catch the eyes of an explorer. With just the apt amount of hair around the crown area, this is a sure-shot formula for gaining a look that brings out the real you. Yes, guys, a cut that is worth trying for once!

Styled Curls: A boon for men with wavy hair, this look is just what you need to make it look classic yet ecstatic. These curls will not just add volume to your tresses but will also impart you an attractive look.

Fringed: Well, this is not exactly a short hairstyle for men, but somewhat like the bridge, where the fringes are the manly bangs while the haircut is a buzz cut. Certainly, a cut to enjoy that cut-to-cut attention!

Angular Quiff: It is among those short hairstyles for men, which are just the right amount of long! This whole haircut is so hot! Ladies cannot keep gushing about it and men with this hairstyle pride in weaving their hands through their locks to add quite the effect and create the appeal.


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Spiked: Having the right amount of it and damn! You have a charmer on the board. This one endorses the perfect length between casual and formal, and if you happen to have one, you have definitely got it right.

French Crop In Variation: This one is quite the military look that sportspersons are keen on adorning. It is just that one cut which you need to maintain your hair when you don’t have too much time for special care.

Neat Ivy League: The short hairstyle which Zayn Malik sports it like a pro. Even the name itself talks in volumes. The bad boy look is maintained with the charisma of the right clandestine conundrum. Ladies like it!

Disconnected Undercut: This is for the rebel kind. An obvious variation from your usual short hairstyles for men, this one when donned with ease can float any boat.

Brush Up Undercut: Mother dear approves of this one. The right choice when one works in a professional environment. This hairstyle is the right balance between class and classic. Something that can fit well with any guy!

These short hairstyles for men have become quite the rage after the football and cricket stars started to add more to this mixed bag of exquisite creativity. And, the best part is they look cool, clean and sharp, creating an impression of a well-behaved lad.

The growing craze of salons in men supports the fact that men love to work on their hair after all! And, why not, hair is the secret of a charismatic macho man persona!

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