In this modern era, fashion is making new trends every next day. It does not matter where if you are a teenager, mature or enjoying your 50’s, you want to be the stylish, classic and well-dressed fellow. When most of the guys spending a lot of their earnings and time to look better, they run out and own really unique and cool pieces that only be used as specialized outfits.

That is really going to be proven later as the waste of money and time also. Don’t pick outfits that can be used once or twice only. Spending money on many different dresses for getting different looks, this idea will be very expensive for you. Choose wisely those outfits that can be interchangeable and can give you a unique appearance without making much more effort.

Wardrobe essentials in a true manner are those outfits that can act as the base for other outfits, must compliment your other dresses and as I have said above they must be interchangeable to give a complete look. Here I have figured out those outfits that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe.

If you don’t mind spending few bucks for your grooming then you should buy them wisely. For creating your own style statement between mass just spend wisely for your outfits. Your dressing sense and self-grooming boost your confidence that is surely going to enhance your productivity. Be the real man of your better half by expressing enough affection with your signature style statement.

Below is the List of 20 Amazing Addition to your Current Wardrobe, Handpicked from Some of the Best UK Brands and Online Stores.

1.Good Quality and Well Crafted White Shirt


A well crafted white shirt is a versatile clothing option. Whites are never off fashion and it always adds charm to your appearance. You should have one classic, tailored fit white shirt in your wardrobe.

Don’t experiment with its classic look nor add contrast fabrics, colored buttons or any funky design. Just keep it simple and classic with spread or semi-spread collar. White is universal and versatile and it can be teamed with a classic dark colored trouser or easily look fantastic with the dark denim.

No need of extra clothing accessory just pairs it with quality shoes, belt, and a wrist watch. White shirts need little bit more care but always capable of giving guys peace of mind and eye-catching look no matter whether they are at the office meeting or at the club.

2.Dark Blue Denim


It’s true that nothing is more American than denim jeans but jeans are universal and are adorable clothing option worldwide. You should have the quality pair of jeans in your wardrobe and they go well with almost everything.

Choose slim straight, avoid skinny and if needed tailored them. Try various brands to find the best piece to be fit and feel you comfortable. Jeans are the ultimate and quick outfit options compared to other clothes for both men and women.

3.Quality Black Leather Shoes


Suit up yourself and try a quality black leather shoes if you want a complete official look. The shine of your shoes will deliver elegancy to your appearance in the board room.

They are not made for the formal outfits only these black shoes will surely team and results fabulous with the semi-formal and casual outfits too. Every guy should have 2 pairs of quality black leather shoes in his closet.

4.Leather Jackets


A perfect fitted leather jacket if chose wisely will be durable. The vintage leather jacket looks more elegant and if you have one in your closet already then don’t spend money on buying a new one.
You can pick your color but a black leather jacket always exists in the trend. Spend money on a trim fit, lightweight jacket and try to keep the details of your design minimal.

If you do not have the membership of the off country bikers gang then go with the symmetrical classic leather jacket and avoid excessive zippers, linings, and biker padding.

5.Casual Check Shirts


Add some check shirts having different patterns and pop of colors. These will be a perfect option for summer/spring while staying at home or roaming through your city.

If teamed with your quality textured blazer it will be your memorable outfit for the late night. It just goes fantastic with your dark or faded jeans depending on the contrast and texture.

6.Trench Coat


What could be better than a neutral colored rain coat with the extraordinary classic design? Look for the slim and fit enough trench coat that doesn’t look over-sized over your suit, blazer or sweater.

You should keep some basics in your mind before picking one for yourself. The length of the coat should come around your mid-thigh, enough long to cover the basic outfits and it must be waterproof.

7.White Sneakers


Add pleasure and comfort to your feet by owning good quality white sneakers. Wrap yourself with the best casuals and team it with the white sneakers in the weekends.

White sneakers can be paired with the full suit and jeans tee. You can buy sneakers made with leather material or go with natural fiber it all depends on your preference. Leathers are the little bit more expensive but they are easy to keep clean and are durable also.

8.Denim Shirt


Every man should have a denim shirt in his closet. It goes fabulously with the slim chinos to give you a cool casual look. Vintage denim looks great and if you have one it is worthy of its cost.

They look great behind the blazers and the material is fine enough to feel you comfortable. It will look great if paired with perfect outfits at the wedding, funeral or at the club.

9.Chinos or Khakis


It’s true that any man can’t wear jeans every day, it will be a boring experience for them even if they try a new one every single day. Here is the better option for you try some chinos or khakis and they will make you feel great in any season.

You can pair it with the button down shirt, sports coat, and elegant sneakers for a club look or just throw a tee with boat shoes to complete your look for the marina.

10.Navy Suit


Navy suits are immortal for the official look but you can also walk with it at the clubs and bars. These outfits are also most adorable options for weddings and family gatherings.

Guys can wear the navy suit two or three times in a single week without being even noticed by anyone. It is the absolute beauty of the corporate world.

Look for the dark and fine fabric because of quality matters between in the world of business. Perfect clothing gives you extraordinary confidence and it is essential for the leadership.

11. Crewneck Tees


T-shirts give ultimate comfort and have different ways of wearing. You can use it as the basics, under your shirts and will make your look off the beat when paired with the perfect fit blazer.

You will not prefer shirts while lounging around your city or at the home. Here the tees are worthy and easily goes with your jeans or chinos. Don’t ever try to tuck tees this will be a worse idea for your look.

12.Pale Blue Shirt


Every guy should have a pale blue shirt in his closet. Just like the navy suit you can wear it almost two alternative working days if you don’t like to wear suits regularly on official days.

If paired with grey, beige or navy suit and a darker shaded tie will make you more professional in the corporate world. It is the ultimate option for go to work and if tucked with dark jeans or chinos will make you feel more casual.

13.A Quality Timepiecemen's-watch

No Doubt your Smartphone has more extraordinary features than a simple wrist watch but starring at your phone for checking time will not be an ideal choice.  Many smart devices can tell you time but an elegant leather wrist watch makes you feel like a mature.

Just choose the simplest design for yourself and it is paired perfectly with your professionals and casuals. For casuals you have got more options, you can go with the full metallic wristwatch or you can try smart watches if you haven’t tried them before.

14. Versatile Belt


Versatile in the manner the belt should go easily with both professional and casual. A perfect belt in a real manner must have dual nature and cross between casual and dressy.

A fine sued quality leather belt with no more excess hardware will be perfect for you. You can choose the leather material or go with the natural fiber it depends on your preference, but a leather belt is more durable and will be proved as the immortal choice for your casuals or dressy look.

I have suggested here on for you is a brown leather belt with the Gucci logo. This will be perfect for your off-duty weekends but you should prefer the simplest design that can easily go with any outfit.

15.Loafers or Boat Shoes


Getting bored of the regular oxford shoes then you can pick good quality brown loafers for yourself. It can’t replace the oxford shoes but you can try it twice or thrice in one working week.

If you are in rush for your office or getting late for the weekend functions and don’t have enough time for tying laces, then this will be very worthy of its cost and will be easily teamed with the casuals as well as formals.
It depends on your setting and outfits you can go with socks or rock without socks. These shoes can be dressed down or up as you wish it instantly makes you ready for the outdoor.

16.Sports Coat Or Textured Blazers


An elegant pair of sports coats or blazers is capable of adding extra charm to your personality. They are wearable in multitude occasions and every time its look fabulous if it is made with an excellent piece of cloth.

You should look for blazers having some texture and pattern but are enough subtle to easily go with the most of your closet. It will result excellent if teamed with your jeans, chinos, navy trousers and most of your shirts.

17. Plain Hoodie


Every man should have one or two plain hoodies in his closet. These are perfect clothing options and also make you feel comfortable in the days which are not so hot or too cold.

Avoid excess hardware, writings or logos just choose the plain hoodie in the solid color. It should be fit enough and hits around the lower hips. It will work as the perfect base for your chinos and jeans.

18.A V-Neck Sweater


Sweaters are essential for the colder days and you will surely need them to warm yourself. But you should prefer a solid color v-neck sweater that will easily mix and match with your closet’s essentials.

It can be teamed with your suit blazer and over a shirt. The sweaters will surely warmth on the cold days as well as it also enhances charm to your casual and dressy. It is wearable in many styles, you can wear them under blazers, suits, overcoats, leather jackets, with a tie or without it.

Colors you may choose what you like but I will prefer a black one. If you had a black v-neck sweater then you should own a navy or charcoal version for yourself.

19.Pair of Wayfarers


Add almost one pair of wayfarers to your wardrobe and those frames will suit every face. Wayfarers can be the foundation of the collection of your sunglasses and if you don’t have then look for it.

No needs of pairing wayfarers are made to go with any outfit in any age group. It will be perfect for the vacations, weekends, or on the go. Spend money on a pair of quality wayfarers it will look under a suit or polo shirt and chinos.

20.Jeans Jacket


You must have one or two jeans jackets in your wardrobe and if you have one then buy another one slightly different in the color. These can easily go under a blazer or over a sweatshirt and tee.
If you own a faded jacket then paired it with khaki or you can pair it with jeans but they should be in a different hue. It can be a suitable clothing option for the days and night out too.


Many guys face the challenges of shopping and many of us don’t want to experiment with our clothing. It’s better to have few quality cloth pieces than to own numerous options that can be worn uniquely. With a repacking service, one can easily order anything online and customize the order based on their specific requirements.

Essentials in the real sense they have the capability to mix and match with other options available or it works as the foundation. The list above will be helpful for guys finding their perfect combinations. All of the outfits mentioned above can easily go with each other and provide different options for the different purpose.

Always try to bring something new and unique to your tailor and ask him whether he can do something new. Make your investments worthy with your wisely taken decisions and it’s true that fashion always comes with the pair of clothing and confidence.