10 Things you Didn’t Know About Hasin Jahan (Wife of Mohammad Shammi)

Wife of Mohammad Shammi

Hasin Jahan, the spotlight these days, and the wife of Indian cricketer Mohammad Shammi has disclosed outrageous stuff about her husband. She is all over the media with the statement of her husband’s extra-marital affairs and attempts to murder. Despite all the controversies she is in, there are certain unknown things about her.

Self Dependent and a Vigorous Athlete

Hasin Jahan is not only in news because of her looks and positivity, but also she is self-dependent from her young age and had a keen interest in athletics i.e. long jumping, high jumping.

Ravishing Love life

She had an adorable love span of two years with her beloved husband before their wedlock. She visited most of his matches as an audience and got the media’s attention. The glint of their relationship was seen in their marriage photographs.

Split-up With her First Husband

Hasin Jahan was married to Shaikh Saifudeen in 2002 while she was a student of 12th class. The couple tied a knot after having a love affair of few years. She abandoned her studies in between. Her husband owned a shop in Kolkata. But their relationship didn’t last long and the couple got separated in the year 2010. She had two daughters from her first marriage.

Prominent to Fight for Her Self Respect

She is bold enough to protest against molestation, self-respect and her dignity. Her father told in an interview that since childhood, she was calm but she used to stand against the fallacious things happening around her.

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Weak at Heart But Bold from Mind

As she had a love affair with her second husband Mohammad Shammi before they tied a knot in 2014, she gave chances to their relationship being in love with him. But when she was tortured at the utmost, she stood up for her self-esteem with evidence.


A Religious Mind

Being a Muslim, she pursuits Islam and follow Islamic rituals. She is a Bengali Muslim.

Stuck to a Routine Diet

As she was a model before her marriage, she is pinned to a healthy diet to remain in shape.

Elder than Her Husband Mohammad Shammi and a Lady Luck

Hasin Jahan is elder than her husband, but their love affair of them was beyond the age limits. They got married in a private ceremony of some closed ones and relatives. She came in his life with good luck. Mohammad Shammi’s career forged ahead after their marriage. Both made a lovely couple.

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Affectionate Mother

She was really devoted to her daughters. After getting separated from his first husband, she laid hold of both of her daughters and raised them up. Now she is struggling for her daughter Aairah Shami.

Early Days of Modelling

Hasin Jahan was a model at her young age. Her secret desire was to enter in the film industry. But she left this profession after getting married to the Indian cricketer Mohammad Shammi.


An Icon for Indian Women

She acted as a role model for all the feeble Indian ladies who are facing domestic violence. She exhibited the pain of her heart and lethal environs she had passed through with a self restraint.

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