Oneplus buds z Review Features Specifications

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Oneplus buds z Review Features Specifications

So these are the all new oneplus buds z wireless earphones the lighter version of the oneplus buds with the typical linear design. So let’s see how this performs in terms of sound quality or the battery life and everything basically that you should know before buying this one. let’s begin so this one came in this cardboard box I bought this from the oneplus store itself for about 3000 rupees and this should be available on Amazon or Flipkart pretty soon I would say.

Inside box & Desgin :

So this looks exactly almost like the oneplus buds packaging but in the box, you are getting the earphones themselves obviously and the usual paper stuff the USB charging cable, and the extra ear tips. So looking at the charging case this thing looks glossy and I personally don’t like this. They should have gone with the matte finish, I would say like the oneplus buds maybe they wanted to cut corners in terms of pricing but let me just give you a better look outside. I hope you get a better look here.

Bass quality, vocal  & Sound quality :

Now moving to the sound quality I am not disappointed at all this one sounds really good for the price. the bass pack some punch but it does lack in terms of depth I mean you don’t get that deeper bass. So the bass drops did not really feel all that dramatic or strong I may be subconscious. A lot of people confused about oneplus buds and oneplus buds z.So click here to read about Oneplus Buds Z Vs Oneplus Buds Which Is Better?

But don’t get me, wrong guys, I mean the base is pretty good I mean you have an ample amount of bass. I would say most people should be happy with this the vocals sound really good. I mean this is one of the strongest points on the Oneplus buds z earphones as well and here also I did not have any complaints the mids also come through really well the instruments sound fairly detailed but when there’s a lot going on in the track. It does kind of get mixed up a little bit the treble also sounded nice and crisp even at the loud volumes it doesn’t get sharp or harsh which is what really matters to me the most.

Build quality, Comfort & Fit :

It kind of looks a little bit cheaper in terms of build quality because of this finishing the buds, however, feel very lightweight. And they actually have that oneplus bullets wireless z neckband sort of look as you can see and i had absolutely no issue in terms of comfort and fit. It was really good the google phosphate does work automatically when you open the case in case. It doesn’t work just uh press the switch on the back and it should basically uh trigger the fast pair and uh as you can see it works just fine.

Melody App & Customize :

So they were talking about this hey melody app using which you can customize your oneplus but at the time of recording this video. I couldn’t find this on the play store this should be available soon I would say on the oneplus devices you do have them in the settings itself. So it does show the battery percentage and everything along with that you can also customize the double tap function but again disappointingly. It does not add any more customization features like the triple tap or press and holds it is just the same as the oneplus. But which is disappointing also in the sound settings you don’t have any uh adapted to one plus but sort of uh setting like the oneplus buds earphones you get the standard usual stuff to customize this sound that’s pretty much it.

Quick switch feature & low latency mode :

The quick switches feature is not skipped on this one so I was able to switch between my laptop and mobile phone. So effortlessly and it works really well so that’s really nice. I tried gaming on this and the latency was almost not noticed it was near perfect and I tried this with both Fnatic mode on and off.

And I did not really notice the huge difference so it’s pretty good for gaming in terms of latency. It shouldn’t be an issue I tried calling with these earphones and here is the sample along with my calling experience is good. It’s definitely there’s a lot of family members going on and I did try calling with this. I had a pretty good calling experience uh the other party did not complain of anything uh it was just a good experience I would say.

SO Conclusion:

So considering the price point of 3000 rupees, these are pretty good in terms of sound as well I absolutely have no issues. I am probably going to keep these and use this for my personal use as well along with other earphones but I will try also to compare these with the oneplus buds earphones. Now finally moving to the battery life, to be honest, this was delivered in the afternoon. So I couldn’t really drain this completely at the time of posting this post but uh it’s been three hours plus and they are still going strong.

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