In the recent era, an odouris considered to be one of the major factors that determine the personality and traits of a person. Whether you are going out for a dinner date or attending your office meeting, a wonderful fragrance can aid you to leave a perfect impression on your colleagues and partners. Apart from that, research has proved that a smell plays a vital role in boosting up the confidence of the person. Today, nobody would like to spray and wear a fancy and a fresh scent that though may leave a perfect fragrance on your body but disappears within a few hours.

Frombuying note-heavy scent to storing it properly requires a lot of efforts. Most of the people wonder “how to make a perfume last longer in the bottle?”According to the research, a perfume can persist for 2-3 years if they are stored appropriately. So if you desire to ascertain some tricks to maintain the quality of your perfume then here’s a brief guide on how to store perfume in an effective way?

Tips on How to Make Perfume Last Longer in the Bottle?

how to make a perfume last longer in the bottle

In order to enhance the lifespan of your favourite perfume, the utmost step is to store the same in a cool and a dark place such as an opaque bathroom. Most of the people unaware of the fact that light and heat can ruin the quality of the scent prefer keeping their fragrance bottles in an open area. Regardless the perfume brand you buy, it completely depends on the location you store it. Here are some tips to store your perfume bottles in a right spot:

• Keep your fragrance bottles away from direct sunrays – generally, the well-designed scent bottles prepared using glass is luring to display out in the open area yet the direct sunrays have a negative impact on the bottles. These sun rays have the potential to degrade the quality of your perfume rapidly. Moreover, darker the spot you choose to store a perfume bottle, the better will be the quality of the same. Besides that, storing the perfume in a yellowish-brown coloured bottle will avoid the effect of direct sunlight in it and hence, preserve the scent for a long time.

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• Keep it away from humidity – similar to that of the sunlight, excess humidity can damage your perfume quality. Usually, people prefer storing their perfumes in the bathroom to avoid the access of sunlight, however; these rooms are mainly linked to the advanced humidity. This is because the hot showers scattering hot water in the entire bathroom can turn out to be the major cause of your perfume break down. All in all, it is recommended to only put your perfume in either the bathroom cabinets (if you have one) or a corner which does not have access to the steam. Alternatively, you can look out for maintaining the same in a bedroom area.

• Avoid opening and closing the fragrance bottles frequently – since alteration in air, temperature, and humidity can affect the quality of your scent, the cap of the bottle should be stiff enough to avoid exposing the liquid to the room temperature. Some scents such as Curve perfume for men do not support bottle opening rather it can be sprayed easily without opening or closing the bottle.

• Don’t shake perfume bottle – 80-90 per cent of the people shake the perfume bottle before spraying it. People often believe that shaking the bottle is the easiest way to mix up the ingredients of cologne. However, this perception doesn’t hold water. Perfume bottle designed of glass is delicate in nature and thus, shaking it can lead to the sudden break down of the same. Moreover,except the manufacturer declares, the perfume is usually prepared and combined properly that it stays evenly mixed if properly stored.

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Utilize linen closets and decorative containers – there is no doubt to say that linen closet is one of the effective spots to store a perfume bottle. Apart from preserving the perfume from direct exposure to sunlight and humidity, this closet safeguards the perfume glass bottles from unwanted bumps and falls. However, not every person has enough room in the linen closet. In such cases, you can opt for the decorative boxes to locate your bottles. The decorative box protects the perfume from environmental factors and can be easily carried while travelling.


So are you looking out for the best ways to store your perfume bottle? Following the above-listed steps can surely assist you in preserving your cologne for a long time. Apart from that, it is advisable to limit the utilization of perfume applicators and avoid keeping the delicate fragrance bottle on the high shelves. So what are you waiting for? If you desire to maintain the quality and durability of your perfume then store it as stated.