As the laws of nature guides all activities on earth, there are certain laws of fashion that essentially rule mens fashion industry. One of the major concerns of the mens fashion industry relates to accessorizing.

Accessories form a major part in enhancing the looks of a person and also decks out the personality. Mens Accessories is totally a talk of the town, there are several decent brands offering a wide variety of not just women accessories but also a whole set of mens accessories store. From the very basic of the feet level up to the head there is an accessory for every movable part of the body. Therefore it is important to pay proper attention towards mens accessories as of it is towards mens clothing.Mens-Accessories

Style is a state of mind which is why it is important to look good, than to look different on a daily basis; It is therefore essential to understand certain fashion rules for men accessories. When talking about mens accessories it is a notable fact that more is more and less is less i.e. we need to adequately place, choose and wear mens accessories.

Further you Need Understand the Following 3 Rules Before Considering any of the Mens Accessories:

Size of the Accessory

There is particularly nothing such as the right or wrong size, it’s just a matter of body frame or body structure which makes certain mens accessories look good or awful on us. By the rule: men with bigger body frames should wear accessories which are bigger and broader in width and vice versa for men with smaller body frames.


Solving issues regarding metals we firstly need to give up on the old school theory of wearing same color metals. Besides gold and silver that are neutral color metals and can be suited with any color or print, there are many men accessories being made of artificial and semi precious stones and metals that are gaining popularity.


Depending on the occasion always mix match and wear accessories of neutral colors (white, Beige, Black, Gray, Ivory) along with a tinch of contrast color. Wear color combinations which are closure in the color spectrum for a formal gathering and for semi-formal casual look choose color that are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

The above stated rules must have given you a clear picture as to why certain mens accessories suit you and why certain don’t. Obviously it is difficult to choose from such a vast ocean of mens accessories that the brands provide which suits your purpose, fits in your budget and looks absolutely stunning on you. Talking about the various high-tech mens accessories that are available online we have shortlisted from amongst available mens accessories online, that are in high demand, use the latest technology and just not this, might even cause to improve your health and safety.

Following are the 5 Must have Mens Accessories in your Wardrobe:

Fanmis Mens skeleton automatic golden watch with stainless steel bracelet watch:


Watches makes a boy turn into a man and the right watch can turn you into a gentleman. This Fanmis Company watch is an all round performer which has features such as:

Self Winding Mechanism

i.e. if not worn for more than 8 long day hours it will run slower just to add more life to the cells.

Precisely Automatic

Functions for all Hour, Minute and Seconds

It has a stainless steel colour bracelet which makes it look and is totally a value for money article. It also comes with a two year warranty.

Marino Men’s genuine leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Open Linxx Buckle:


With an easy option of customizing this belt according to your waste size , Marino Avenue provides 100% genuine leather ratchet linxx belt that comes with an innovative buckle to set according to your waste size without the use of holes. Totally scratch resistant and of genuine leather it comes with a customer service of 45 days free exchange along with 180 days warranty.

Flyhalk Men’s RFID Blocking Italian Genuine Handmade leather Bifold Wallet:



With a rise in crime involving identity theft, this wallet is a proven master guard available for us by blocking Radio Frequency Identification Signals (RFID) that is used to scan the information held by your cards in your ordinary wallet.

Various Lab Tests have been conducted and it scientifically proved that this Flyhalk wallet actually blocks RFID. The size adequately fits your pocket and offers security against digital thieves that are ready to steel your identity. Made up of Italian Cowhide Leather, it comes with a 100% refund or a fre of cost replacement.

PolarSpex Polarized Unisex 80’s Retro Classic Trendy Stylish Sunglasses


These super trendy polarized glasses comes with a 100% original polarized lenses, for protection of your eyes from harmful UV (UVA and UVB) rays. These Polarized lens are just as good as some $100 Ray Ban polarized glasses. The cost of these sunglasses also covers a Premium wool heavy grade pouch for protecting these glasses after use. This cover is strong enough to save your sunglasses from any scratch or breakage. With a 55mm lens these are a sure sure luxury mens accessories without even incurring an additional cost and which is suitable for all seasons.

Smarter Lifestyle Elegant Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel:


Diseases are common to all today but fighting from them in an innovative way is the need of the hour. Smarter Lifestyle Magnetic Therapy Bracelets help you to relieve from any kind of pain due to Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Tendonitis. Magnetic Therapy relieves you from any kind of inflammation or pain in your forelimbs and also enhances your poor blood circulation that is often due to Diabetes. It can do wonders to your body if you are suffering from Migraine or insomnia. This elegantly designed and handcrafted Magnet Bracelet is unisex is hypoallergenic i.e. does not cause skin irritation. Made up of titanium it uses powerful 3500 gauss magnets that is functional in each link. For broader wrists extra links can also be added to suit the size.

Break through the bondages of old and outdated mens accessories with these latest, pocket friendly and health gainers accessories that would increase your compliments along with providing safety against so many factors. Go Forth and enjoy the service of any five accessories without having thinking twice before buying them.