Nothing lasts forever but I am glad a tattoo does. Tattoo is a body art that has been adopted in the world since centuries. No doubt it is a cool trend to get yourself inked but have you ever thought about the story behind getting a tattoo? One just does not simply jump out of the bed and decide, Oh yes! I am getting myself a tattoo. First, the tattoo never happens without any reason. Second, the story does not only have the reason but the correct place where the tattoo is made. So, the tattoo is just a cover picture of that whole story which can be unfolded only by the tattoo bearer.

We imitate the trends and the lifestyle adopted by our favorite celebrities. And tattoos are an integral part of any celebrity’s personality then we cannot miss out on that for sure. From Sanskrit verses to Greek poetry, from spiritual drawings to hand written messages, our celebrities know how to carry any kind of tattoo and make a unique style statement.

Therefore, we just love to live the life of the celebrities by simply copying what they do. Now, if you knew about the reasons behind the tattoos of the famous celebrities then you could relate to their lives in a better way. Moreover, who knows you find a reason too other than just copying it. To help you get inked with the same tattoo as your favorite celebrity, here is the list of top 10 famous celebrities and their interesting facts about tattoos:

1.    Travis Barker:travis-barker-tattoo

Normal does not excite Travis Barker which is why he spent $50,000 on the body art so that he could not land in any normal job. The famous drummer from the band Blink 182 reveals that he enjoys the pain and tattoo is something that fulfills his desire.  At 17 he got his first tattoo on his leg which was his childhood nickname “BONES”. He has a matching tattoo with his dad that says “Pal”.  Then he had Dag Nasty’s first album name inked which was “Can I Say” on his stomach along with a microphone and a boom box. Well that is ought to be there because of his undoubted love for music.   He has his lucky charm tattooed below his neck which is a Pin-up. As a true Cadillac fan, he has a Cadillac collection tattooed over his chest which includes a ’53 Cadillac’, ’66 Coupe de Ville’, ’67 Eldorado’, ’75 Coupe de Ville’ and ’76 Eldorado Convertible’ and a DUB edition ’07 Escalade’. This can be your best tattoo option if you are a car lover and to be specific a Cadillac lover. Being a Catholic he has a few religious tattoos as well. The left arm has the tattoo of Jesus Christ and his left side of head depicts folded hands of prayer with his signature Mohawk and a sacred heart. Travis is also a family person and that is evident from the tattoos he has for his family members. He has a tattoo for his mom on the back of his neck, one for his first wife Melissa and one for SHANNA. Clearly, his body is no less than a canvas painted with unique art.

2.   Manny-Pacquiao:Manny-Pacquiao-tattoo

>Many of you might not know but this Filipino boxer tattooed himself at the age of 13. Yes, 3 years before he started boxing. He did that small boxing glove tattoo on his right side of the chest which he finds ugly himself. However, he never got it removed because of the apparent reason he did it himself in the days of his struggle. He has his lucky charm tattooed on his right arm. He also has his family members’ names on his arm which are in order as: Jinkee (his wife), Jimuel (first son), Michael (second son), Princess (first daughter) and Queen (second daughter). It is lovely, isn’t it?

3.   Adam-Levine:adam-levine-tattoo

Everybody knows the Maroon 5 frontman because of the massive list of controversies he gets into. Not talking about all of them, let us just concentrate on Adam Levine’s list of tattoos and the meanings behind each. Many of his tattoos depict his love for the band Maroon 5 like the one on his forearm which has 222. 222 was the door number of the studio in which Maroon 5 did its recording for the first time. He is known as a mamma’s boy among ladies as he flaunts his tattoo for MOM on his forearm in his concerts. He even has a tattoo of Los Angeles because of the fact that he was born there. He has his left arm carved with beautiful roses and other flowers. Not to miss the elegant tiger tattoo on his right arm, that depicts the wild soul of the artist.

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4.    Danny Trejo:Danny-Trejo-tattoo

The Illustrated Man, as we know him is one the most famous celebrities of Hollywood. His tattoos have influenced many people and that can be seen from the numerous magazines and films that have featured his tattoo work significantly. His chest tattoo is the most famous one which has a woman swearing a sombrero. Most of his tattoos like this one were done in prison as he was regularly imprisoned in and out. Then he has a tattoo for his wife Debbie that depicts a heart wrapped up in wire and it signifies the forever relationship. He even has animals inked on his arms: peacock on his left forearm and hummingbird on the right arm. Peacock depicts purity of the heart and hummingbird symbolizes peace and love. There is a rose bush on his right arm which clearly depicts beauty of love. The thorns are seen as a sacrifice made in love. Symbolizing his personal faith he has a Catholic cross over his left bicep. You cannot miss any of Danny Trejo’s tattoos as you never know when you become the next illustrated man/woman.

5.    Johnny Depp:jhonny-depp-tattoo

The man of Pirates of the Caribbean series refers his body as his Journal in which his tattoos are the storytellers. He considers every tattoo on his body as a mark of the specific time in which he got it. Jonathan Shaw has been the man behind most of his tattoos but he has himself made some marks with the knife too, though he advises others not to. He has a Cherokee tattoo on his right bicep which is his tribute to his grandmother who was also a Cherokee. For his mother Betty Sue he has her name carved in a heart with tribal markings on his left bicep. Above it he has an inverted triangle which means romantic love. He had a tattoo for his girlfriend too which read “Winona Forever” but he got it altered to Wino Forever after his break up with Winona Ryder. Johnny Depp has tattoos for his kids as well: above his heart his daughter’s name is writtern i.e. Lily Rose and he has his son Jack’s name tattooed in a similar way to Captain Jack Sparrow’s tattoo in the movie. Depp believes that number 3 is his lucky number and that is the reason he has got 3 written on his hand and many tattoos are in fashion of 3 like 3 rectangles on his right index finger, 3 hearts on his left arm. There is a lot in Johnny Depp’s journal and you can choose wisely for yours.

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6.    David Beckham:david-bekham-tattoo

Besides bending it like Beckham you should even tattoo it like Beckham. Majority of David Beckham’s tattoos are dedicated to his wife Victoria Beckham. If you are a true lover, then you must find meanings of David Beckham’s tattoos. He got Victoria’s name inked in Sanskrit but that was misspelled as Vihctoria but that is because of the complexity of the language Sanskrit. The couple got a tattoo in Sanskrit again on their 6th wedding anniversary which after translation can be read as, “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine”. So romantic, isn’t it? If not, how about the ceremony date on his arm in Roman numerals. Yes, you cannot agree more that he loves Victoria way too much. His lower back has a very stylish tattoo that is Brooklyn, his son’s name. His upper back has his other son Romeo’s name right above the angel that he got as a symbol of protection of his son Brooklyn. The most interesting of all is his wife Victoria’s picture tattooed on his left arm. Love is pouring from everywhere and Beckham know how to do it the right way. He got his daughter Harper’s name inked right above the Jesus Christ and cherubs tattoo. The tattoo depicted as if Beckham was being lifted by the angels out of the tomb. When his grandfather Joe West died, he got the portrait of Jesus on the way to the cross on his right side of the belly. One of the sexiest David Beckham’s tattoos is the Chinese rib cage tattoo that means “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honour depend on heaven”. As powerful as the quote is, the tattoo is way too classy or may be Beckham makes it so.

7.    Michael Gerard Tyson:mike-tyson

Tyson is known as the heavyweight champion of the world. But that is not the reason for his sheer popularity. He got into the news after getting that tribal tattoo on his face. Though his face tattoo is not liked by many but it got him famous, no. According to him, his face tattoo depicts his spirit of a warrior. He even has Mao Tse-Tung and Arthur Ashe tattooed on his arms. He even has Che Guevara inked on his abdomen. If you are also the fan of such tattoos, you might like to get the same stuff on your body too.

8.    The Rock:the-rock-tattoo

Dwayne Johnson is both a family man and a spiritual person. This is evident from the Samoan tribal tattoo sleeve he possesses. It has his entire family history hidden in the tattoo sleeve. He got this tattooed in Hawaii in a time of 60 hours. To start with the entire meaning of Dwayne Johnson’s tattoo, there are coconut leaves or niu that depict the chief warrior of Samoan tribe. Then there is the sun which symbolizes good fortune. Then there are three people depicted at once that are Dwayne, his wife Dany and his daughter Simone Alexandra. After that there are swirls that depict past, present and future, future depicted bigger than the rest two. It has the eyes of the ancestors that mean they are watching and protecting him. He also has the Great Eye to distract his enemy in confrontation. It also keeps all the evil energies away. The broken face in the tattoo sleeve portrays his strength and struggle. Then there is a priest too followed by the stones of achievement and abundance. At the end he has the tortoise shell which is again to deflect the evil spirits. Well, the entire tattoo took 60 hours and that paid off because you cannot get your eyes off the Rock’s tattoo sleeve.

9.    John Mayer:john-mayer-tattoo

The well known singer and guitarist, John Mayer has a collection of spectacular Japanese tattoos on his body. The fans are wooed by his oriental tattoo sleeve that has peonies, cherry blossoms with the background of wind bars.

10.    Steve-O:

Just like his role in American TV series Jackass, he is a real life Jackass. Stephen Gilchrist Glover labels all his tattoos as stupid as it can be seen on his website under the section DUMB TATTOOS. Well, they are not stupid for his fans though. He has a child’s happy face drawn on his body which was done while he was shooting for the Jackass movie segments in a moving truck. While he was going through a rough phase in life, he copied one of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos which was the Billy Bob and the Buddhist inscription. On his arm he has the words ‘I have a small weiner’ where weiner is actually wiener that got misspelled.

Like the celebrities, their tattoos are also classy and unique. Some depict their life in their tattoos while some hide it in them. Now, when you know the meanings behind the famous celebrity tattoos it will be easier for you to make the right choice. However, it would be better if you have your personal story attached to it rather than just copying it from your favorite celebrity.