Advanced Placement Program In Canada Star Secondary School

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is marked as a good way for highly intelligent students to gain admission to the top universities worldwide. This program helps the students for the preparation in gaining credits during their high school academic tenure. A score of above three can provide the students with credits and thereby fix their seats in their preferred courses in college. The AP program’s main objective is to prepare the students for college beforehand, pick intelligent and competitive students, and affirm a better future for them. Only some of the private schools in Canada offer this program.

What Are the Advantages of The Advanced Placement Program?

• Help students remain competitive

• A platform for students to showcase their efficiency

• Nurture their competitive and intellectual skills

• Can make higher studies more affordable for students by receiving dual-credits for high school and college classes

Among the high schools in Richmond, the Canada Star Secondary school offers the most flexible AP program for the students, along with their study curriculum.

Course specifications

This private school in Canada offers AP classes one or two days a week till the AP exams so that the student can work in concordance with their everyday studies. The usual timings are from 4 pm-7 pm. These dates and timing can vary according to the beginning date of the academic year.

The course fees are fixed affordable for the students compared to other high schools in Richmond; for example, it is $1850 for domestic students, while $2312.50 for international students for each course.

Each class will have three students per class.

Why does Canada Star Secondary School stand as the best in offering AP Programs?

Among the high schools in Richmond, Canada Star Secondary school has a high success rate in molding students to pass the AP exam. Some of its advantages are as follows:

Offer various courses: Each student will have their individual preferences to choose a subject for higher studies. This private school in Canada offers a variety of subjects. The course list includes human geography, psychology, calculus, chemistry, art and design, macroeconomics, history, computer science, microbiology, drawing, etc.

Official test center: The Canada star secondary school is one of theofficial testcenters for the AP exam, among the few private schools in Canada, and is quite unlikely in the high schools in Richmond. This makes it a much easier process for students.

Operate in concordance with regular class: Most of the students find it challenging to handle the program along with their usual study syllabus. In order to avoid this difficulty, this private school in Canada offers AP classes after the regular classes, once or twice a week. This can reduce the student’s stress significantly.

Official high school credits: Rather than the usual convention followed by the other high schools in Richmond, students taking courses with Canada Star Secondary School will receive high school credits from the BC Ministry of education. This can be beneficial for students in gaining admissions to universities.

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