About Me

I am born in the most beautiful place on the globe “India”

My parents named me Navdeep.

Dressing, Travelling, Adventure, Grooming is the pleasure of my life. I love to explore adventure thrill either it is flying in the sky like the bird or chasing wildlife. I love to mold things either it is a cloth fabric or shoe laces according to my mood swings and of course which speak my personality.

I love to feel nature either it is an ocean or sky. I love to travel either be north or south.

I love to taste spices either it be sweet or sour

I love to experience every emotion either it is cry or happiness. But there is one thing which I will never do in my life and that is to complain.

Complaining about anything is just waste of hidden treasure in it.

My Mantra of life is to accept whatever comes in life no regret no complaints no expectations leads to inner satisfactions.

And of course, I believe in living a healthy life dressed in my own unique defines style.

I love to be social around the world with so many beautiful people sharing my ideas and thoughts about my passion for travel, fashion, lifestyle, health, and adventure.

Which eventually motivated me to start a blog for my passion. I m in my young 20’s