As life on earth has revolutionized from mere early man phase to well developed individual our lives have become really hectic and it is like a mad stampede of people rushing here and there just to earn money. In this process we tend to forget, what we are and there is no time for self retrospection. Then there is one thing which thankfully the technology provides us through which we can take a break from life, relax, reflect and ponder upon the beauty of nature and i.e. traveling one of the principle values of traveling is that it breaks the monopoly of life and work. Traveling experience can be made fun by firstly going to a place you always longed to go to and secondly preparing a Travel Checklist so that you don’t forget any important items you might need during your travel.

A Travel Checklist Differs From Person to Person as of Also for Men and Women. Customized your Own Packing List Keeping in Mind Some of the Basic Things-

♦ Weather Expectancy

♦ Activities to be conducted there on.

♦ Time period of the trip.

A Vacation Packing List is completely different from a normal traveling packing list. While on a vacation, which is usually a fun trip people tend to carry casual clothing as compared to simple trips which could be organized for both official and not official purpose, even the toiletry basic thing requirement are different dependent on the trip.

A Travel Checklist concerning the men of today’s generation is totally different if compared to the Travel Checklist of the men a decade ago. For making travel more comfortable we have a perfect Travel Guide for men consisting of various articles that are a must have in their Travel Checklist-

While Traveling to place with Moderate Temperature Protect your head-

Ferrecci Premium Black Wool PORK PIE HAT

Cost- $18.79 – $29.99


Classic Traditional Pork Pie Hat, set to give you a perfect vintage look ready for a classic evening during vacations. Perfect Fit for a medium sized head. The feather in the hat is at an appropriate place giving the owner a classic transformation from a boy to a gentleman.

Dorfman Pacific Men’s Wool Herringbone Band Classic Fedora Hat

Cost– $8.77 – $22.95


Made of 20% wool and 80% polyester, this Dorfman Pacific Herringbone Band Classic Fedora Hat is a classic accessory for men, it features a 1-inch herringbone band fashioned with a detailed chevron, gray and black crest band that circles the crown. It is soft textured material that is perfect for the winter months while the teardrop shaped crown provides a distinct look that is both timeless and masculine. To  get the perfect look wear it with a suit and tie, double-breasted suit, or go for a casual look that will distinguish you from the other men in the crowd. Easy to carry in suitcase as it won’t get wrinkled.

Dorfman Pacific Mens Rush Straw Lightweight Casual Wide Brim Gambler Hat

Cost- $8.36 – $19.95


To get the perfect tom boy look here what we got This Dorfman Pacific Gambler Rush Straw Kangaroo Badge Hat. It is the perfect lightweight summer hat. Get yourself a Tom-Boy look with this hat. The main feature about this hat which makes this distinct from other hats is that it is woven with natural straw fibers so that the sun rays are kept far as possible from reaching your head and eyes and it also comes with mesh area that lets in air to keep you cool on the inside. Doesn’t allow water to penetrate rather to roll off. Whether you’re gardening, fishing, hiking, or just wandering this hat gives you a smart look along with protection from certain elements.

Comfort and Protection for the Feet

Mxson Men’s Slip On Sneaker Mesh Loafer Casual Beach Swimming Pool Sports Walking Shoes

Cost- $19.99


These synthetic fiber made shoes are light-weight shoes totally comfortable for running and walking. Slip into your comfort zone after wearing these light-weight rubber sole shoes, suited for all men ages.

Venustus Men’s Breathable Mesh Slip On Loafers

Cost– $15.98 – $35.99



These shoes offer a sporty casual look that is ideal for everyday wear. Imported sandwich mesh fabric and soft TPR (shock proof) bottom that provides a cool and comfortable walk. They are ultra light weight, the upper portion of the shoe has an open air mesh that allows air to flow in. The soles of the show can be curled or bent and are wear-resistant slip for easy walking. It has multiple usage as people can go for walking, beach playing, hiking, running, dancing while wearing these. Best suited for men of older age.Venustus-Men's-Breathable-Mesh-Slip-On-Loafers

SWIMS Men’s Breeze Loafer Shoes- So Comfortable, light-weight, machine-washable

Cost– $128.95Loafer-Shoes

These loafers are suited for beach walks as well as formal evening wear. The ultra light, ultra flexible and ultra breathable loafers provide air and comfort to your tender feet. The cushioned injection-molded EVA/rubber out-sole enhances bounce and flexibility.

Important part of traveling is the Protection and relaxation of the eyes

Bamboo Wood Designer Wayfarer Sunglasses By Emolly

Cost– $35.00Bamboo-Wood-Designer-Wayfarer-Sunglasses

Gives you a perfect retro look these high quality polarized wooden sunglasses are perfect for men looking to express themselves with a unique take on the classic wayfarer design. Developed from bamboo frames and polarized lenses these wayfarers are totally perfect for outdoor activities, trips to the beaches, and so much more.

Polarized Clubmaster Classic Half Frame Semi

Cost– $12.99.Polarized-Clubmaster-Classic-Half-Frame-Semi-Rimless-Rimmed-Sunglasses

Rimless Rimmed Sunglasses- This Wear-Me Pro Product is all set to provide a totally inn look for men of the new generation. These are Elegant Polarized Club-master Sunglasses with Sturdy plastic and metal frame for unparalleled durability. Wear them up with casual tees while driving or walking. Extremely comfortable for the eyes plus looks so much trendy.

HODGSON Polarized Sunglasses

Cost– $21.98


HODGSON sports sunglasses provide you a better clarity of vision,It not only eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue, also provide a “natural vision” from transmitting original colors. Totally Unbreakable and uses and highly Stress Resistant Material of TR90. Gives the owner a cutting edge look perfect for youngsters. Developed with the  technology the sun-glass are preferred due to their light-weight component and durability for all day comfort and protection of the eyes.

Comforting the body with world class Swim Trunks For idle wear

Kanu Surf Men’s Troy Stripe Swim Trunks

Cost– $18.99


Kanu surf bring on the latest designs and unique quality swim trunks totally suitable for beach wear. Light weight and highly comfortable these swim trunks provide a stylish look. Totally appropriate length these are well designed and well suited for men of all ages.


Alki’i Men’s Hybrid Board-shorts with mesh lining – Isla Palms

Cost–  $18.99Alki'i-Men's-Hybrid-Board-shorts-with-mesh-lining-Isla-Palms

Superior quality swim shorts for the beach, pool or other water related areas. Full mesh lining for great privacy and comfort. Proper fitted along with elastic finish with strings to tie and give a strong hold on the waist.

Kanu Surf Men’s Riviera Swim Trunks

Cost– $17.13 – $18.99


100% polyester material, this Kanu surf product comes with trunk pockets as well as normal pockets providing the ease to carry wallets, keys etc where ever you go. Length is upto mid thigh neither too short nor too long and is fit for all age groups.

A bag in need is a bag indeed. Amongst the other Necessities of travelling is the Bag

Aloha Sugar Beach Bag – Mesh Beach Bag and Beach Tote Bag

Cost– $23.95


It is a high quality mesh bag Constructed from high quality durable mesh, this lightweight beach bag is the best tote bag for the beach. This HUGE beach tote bag has 7 outer pockets which allows you to keep as much products as you want and still keeps the bag light-weighted. A keychain is also provided in the bag that allows you to safely keep your keys wherever you are. It also comes with an additional attached bag on the inside where you can securely keep your valuables. These spacious and quality features make this the perfect GIANT beach bag.

XL Nautical Striped Anchor Beach Bag Tote

Cost– $12.95


This extra large canvas tote bag with an anchor prints comes with a nice and charm look. Totally supportive for a beach look it is durable and quite big in size so that you can carry your beach clothes and everything in it.

HSHINE 25L – Lightweight Packable Waterproof Hiking Backpack for Men and Women / Durable Fold able Handy Travel Daypack – Nylon



The HSHINE packable backpack is made of high quality nylon that is basically water and tear resistant. Becomes a sandwich size after being folded, easy to carry, convenient and practical. It can be packed easily in your suitcase as it can be folded into an ultra-compact pouch as an extra bag for the trip. This backpack is the perfect companion for your outdoor trips. It is a perfect outdoor partner for whatever outdoor sports or leisure activities in or out of the city. Perfect for day trips, vacation, travel, day hikes, school, camping and shopping, etc.

Style Your Upper Body Wear with these Cool Tees

Stay Cali Mens California Shirts and Tank Tops Pardise of the Planet

Cost– $11.26 – $16.95


This comfortable T-shirt provides an exotic cool look suited for summer season. It is cool and let’s the body breath air. On the outlook it is cool and soft to wear.

Marvel Captain America Men’s Marvel Tank Top


This 100%cotton tank top with cut sleeves gives you a fighter and heroic look. Carry of these with cool swim trunks to get the comfy look of summer vacation.

La Leela Hawaiian Shirt For Men Short Sleeve Front

Cost– $12.99La-Leela-Hawaiian-Shirt-For-Men-Short-Sleeve-Front-Pocket-Palm-Tree-Aloha-Blue

Pocket Palm Tree Aloha Blue- SUPER SOFT BREATHY LIGHTWEIGHT Printed Like Fabric, these La leela shirts have VIBRANT COLORS HIGH QUALITY FABRIC THAT DOES NOT FADE / SHRINK. Mostly suitable for all water related sports and areas.

All these articles are a must have in your Travel Checklist. No matter what sport what place you going choose amongst them as they are the most desirable products that are selling online that to at an affordable price range. Do not miss out on anything which might cause you discomfort while you travel so better prepare your Travel Checklist in advance and get set going for an exotic holiday.